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Does Pepperoni Need To Be Refrigerated?

Have you noticed that some pre-sliced pepperoni isn’t cooled at stores? This might lead you to ask if pepperoni really needs cooling. The truth could catch you off guard. Although storage advice can differ, keeping pepperoni cold after it’s opened is key for its taste and safety.

So, does pepperoni need to be refrigerated?

Yes. If you open a pepperoni, you should definitely refrigerate it. Pepperoni and other hard or dry sausages keep well in the pantry for up to six weeks when kept unopened, and for up to three weeks when opened, when kept in the refrigerator.

After opening, several brands—like HORMEL and Applegate Naturals—recommend chilling pepperoni.

40°F (4°C) or below is the recommended storage temperature for pepperoni. There are others who claim that meat products lose quality with time, thus it’s better to utilize them as soon as possible. When pepperoni begins to sprout anything or discolor, you can know it’s terrible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Refrigeration is generally recommended for pepperoni after opening.
  • Some pre-sliced pepperoni slices are not refrigerated at the grocery store but should be kept in the fridge after opening.
  • Different brands may have slightly different storage recommendations, so it’s important to read and follow the instructions provided on the packaging.
  • Proper sealing, storing in the coldest part of the refrigerator, checking the expiration date, and consuming within the recommended timeframes are all important for maintaining the quality of pepperoni.
  • Freezing is an option to prolong the shelf life of pepperoni, but it’s best to follow the specific brand’s recommendations.

How to Store Pepperoni for Longer Shelf Life

Freezing pepperoni can make it last longer. Many sources say this helps keep its freshness. For example, one says to freeze slices in a resealable bag to preserve them beyond 5 days after opening. Another mentions that Hormel pepperoni can be frozen. You don’t need to thaw it before using it on pizza.

But, not all brands suggest freezing their pepperoni. One well-known source says freezing could ruin the flavor and texture. So, it’s smart to follow what your pepperoni’s brand recommends.

In short, freezing can help keep pepperoni fresh longer, but pay attention to the brand’s advice. This way, your pepperoni will stay yummy for more time.

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Other Tips for Proper Pepperoni Storage

In addition to refrigeration, there are a few other tips to ensure the freshness and quality of your pepperoni.

First, seal the pepperoni well after each use to prevent air exposure and moisture. This will help keep its flavor and texture. By keeping it tightly sealed, it won’t dry out or lose freshness.

Next, it’s important to store the pepperoni in the coldest part of your refrigerator. This usually means the meat drawer or a similar cool area. This cold environment helps preserve its quality and avoids cross-contamination with other foods.

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Lastly, always check the expiration date on the packaging and consume the pepperoni before it goes bad. This step is important for taste and safety. Using old pepperoni can harm its quality, flavor, and even your health. So, always check the date before you use your pepperoni.

By following these storage tips, you can keep your pepperoni fresh, tasty, and safe for a long time. Whether on pizza or in different dishes, proper storage is key for delicious meals.

Comparison of Brands and Their Storage Recommendations

Storing pepperoni requires attention to recommendations from different brands. We will examine three popular brands. We’ll look at their specific storage guidelines.

Wegman’s Pepperoni

Wegman’s suggests refrigerating their pepperoni slices after opening. They recommend eating the opened package within 5 days. This ensures freshness and safety.

Hormel Pepperoni

Hormel also advises refrigeration after opening their pepperoni. They suggest consuming it within 21 days or before the expiration date. This maintains quality and taste.

Bridgford Foods Pepperoni

Bridgford Foods recommends refrigeration after opening as well. They advise eating their product within 3 weeks for the best flavor.

Following storage recommendations from the pepperoni brand is important. It helps maintain quality and safety while enjoying your favorite pepperoni dishes.

Brand Storage Recommendation Recommended Consumption Time
Wegman’s Refrigeration after opening Within 5 days
Hormel Refrigeration after opening Within 21 days or by the expiration date
Bridgford Foods Refrigeration after opening Within 3 weeks


It’s best to refrigerate pepperoni once it’s opened to keep it fresh and safe. Freezing can also help it last longer. But, make sure to see what the brand suggests. Keep your pepperoni well-sealed in the fridge’s coldest part. This helps keep it in good shape.

Always look at the expiration date. And use the pepperoni within the time the brand says. This way, your pepperoni will be tasty and safe for your homemade pizzas and more. The main thing is to store it right. This keeps the pepperoni’s taste and texture great.

Store your pepperoni the right way, and you can enjoy its yummy flavor in many dishes. By looking after your pepperoni, you get to enjoy its wonderful taste. Good storage keeps the pepperoni fresh and safe.

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